Rocking, Rolling & Riding...



One thing's for sure... we're all getting older
so who's special burfday can we celebrate next?
How old are they? That's for them to let you know but
we can take a light-hearted look at their Star Signs!




Scorpio - Sex Obsessed Demoralizer?

Scorpions have the worst reputation of the zodiac and can be power hungry and obsessive. However, they are also the most magnetic and awe inspiring. With practical minds, they detect and deduce, remembering everything, even secrets! Scorpions can be sympathetic when needed and fiercely loyal if in control. They can also be relentless for sexual experiences through which, they can demoralize those who fall under a Scorpio's control! Physical features include a large phallic like nose, bushy eyebrows and hair that thins with age! Nostrils will flare if a Scorpion is angered and the eyes have an intense stare. Scorpions have muscular thighs, often making them very agile athletes! The lips can be fleshy and the torso is top-heavy!

1st November... Energetic, self-confident & expansive... that's Jan!

7th November... Curious, adventuresome & technical... that's Sue!

12th November... Magnetic, seductive & attractive... that's Harry!




Sagittarians - The Don Juan?

People born under this sign believe they are great lovers and can find themselves sharing their love between all. They are driven to obtain the goodwill of others and can be rather permissive and flirty but should endeavour to protect their freedom from involvement at all costs! Sagittarians can be refined noblemen, but they fear they cannot always live up to that impression. They are gamblers and are often lucky! With a love of travel, theatre and art, that adventuresome spirit cannot be denied. Tireless in persuit of their ideals they dislike being constrained and may take chances. These folk are honest and often say clumsy things without thought first! They can be tall, symmetrical with a well-shaped nose. With a sporty body and athletic gait, the thighs are the ruling feature. Sagittarians can make good athletes unless they become careless with their appearance when they become slouchy. Teeth are strong and can protrude, not unlike that of a horse! The eyes are large, dark and kind and they often have chestnut hair. The full lips curve upwards into a heart-shaped smile.

25th November ... Constant, thorough, accomplished... that's Ken!

9th December ... Romantic, firey & energetic... that's Ingrid!

22nd December... Careful, prepared & self-assured... that's Shep, but is she really a Capricorn?




Capricorn - The Honor Seeker?

The most serious and dignified sign is that of Capricorn who is most concerned with reputation. They are ambitious and quietly persistent while achieving goals with conviction. They can have a high opinion of themselves yet lack any vanity. Once a rapport has been formed, without being hurried, Capricorns will develop a trusty friendship. They are dependable, but can place importance on their own goals before personal relationships. Physically, the head is small and the hair silky. The eyes can be dark and penetrating. The mouth is generous and when it does smile, it is very beautiful, showing strong white teeth. Capricorns can have rather small ankles and the walk is unique, taking care to place feet exactly in the correct position, swiftly and surely. The females are very ladylike and they do not like to be seen without clothes!

22nd December ... Careful, prepared & self-assured... that's Shep, but is she really a Sagittarian?




Aquarius - The Fame Freak?

Aquarians desire to deal with all the problems that humankind encounter. An intellect with big ideas, they can be concerned with community rather than individual needs but require the spotlight and public attention, no matter how freaky! With an independant, detached manner, they are difficult to get to know, but can display a friendly manner within groups and an audience. Aquarians can be sptiteful and enjoy hurling casual insults, often shocking people with their eccentric behaviour. They have large domed heads with a high, wide forehead. The bone structure is well-defined and the cheeks can be hollow! The face is distinctive and can be craggy. The neck is slender, the shoulders broad. Aquarians are often the tallest of the signs!

14th February... Witty, facile, entertaining... that's both Kev & Spanni!




Pisces - The Spiritual Panhandler?

Although a dreamy, romantic sign, Pisces displays an outstanding tendency to indecisiveness and vagueness. This can be interpreted into appealing helplessness which gains support and sympathy. They are the beggars, the panhandlers, of the zodiac! There are very many different types of Pisces, just like in the oceans, from the tiny minnow to the great whale! They can be slippery when you try to pin them down and sometimes non-committal. They do not like hard work but thrive on dreams and can be selfish. Often disatisfied, they will withdraw into their own fantasy world. They display a waddling gait with arms that hug the body like fins! In mature years, they can be prone to weight gain. The head is not large but there could be a swelling at the temples. The eyes can be starry blue or watery and expressionless! The nose is large and puttylike, rather like the mouth!

23rd February... Convincing, analytic & pragmatic... that's Graham!




Aries - The Egomaniac?

Extroverts and adventurers, Arians possess an enormous ego and are very enthusiastic. They exude fun! They are good organisers and the greatest initiators of the signs. Arians are often searching for new adventures, ideas and relationships. Being a dramatic and romantic fire sign, they can handle more than one relationship at a time but if bored, they will display impatience and become argumentative. Arians will leave jobs half done, being incapable of bringing anything to a conclusion! They are competitive and like to win, but can truly hurt their opponents if angered. Physically, they can be attractive, muscular and lean with a forthright approach, full of self-assurance. They often have a ruddy complexion and wide, generous smile with attractive eyes that are humorous!

25th March... Energetic, loyal & independant... that's Leigh!

29th March... Idealistic, ironic & loyal... that's Herman!

3rd April... Good-natured, unassuming, fun loving... that's Smiley!




Taurus - The Insensitive Bully?

Born under this sign, bulls can have a thick skin and be greedy - sometimes even, an overbearing bully! However, their quiet, affectionate manner is often quite charming. Astute and quick to size up their environment, Taureans rely on their instinct to guide them in relationships. They are patient yet stubborn! Always self-indulgent, they strive to appease their strong desire for the best of everything, which in turn, they belive, will give them status and respectability. Physically, the shoulders are square with strong thighs and legs under a sturdy body. Large, round eyes have a certain twinkle and the curved lips pout slightly over small, but even teeth. Taureans have a strong jaw, sometimes jutting forward in a bulldog fashion!

30th April... Protective, professional & resolute... that's Sharon!

17th May... Dedicated, responsible & intense... that's Coxy!




Gemini - The Divine Discontent?

Gemini's constantly strive to see both sides to every question and therefore can be indicisive, invariably resulting in disatisfaction and frustration. They are bright, alert and curious about everything! Gemini's learn quickly but will employ flattery or even deceit to obtain what they want. With an excellent memory they use many words and the knowledge of facts can become an armour. They can appear superficial or shallow because they become restless, moving from one idea to another. Cooperative and loving, as long as everything is going their way, but watch out for that changeable manner! Physically, a youthful sign, the Gemini has long arms and slim hips. A friendly, eager smile inspires confidence. From the clear face sparkle alert eyes, full of humour and mischief!

20th June... Emotional, rousing & charismatic... that's Laurence!




Cancer - The Oedipal Complainer?

Two principle characteristics dominate the Cancerian: his love of family, which always comes first and his constant complaining about the insensitive treatment he receives from others! Overtly emotional and sensitive, this sign requires gentle handling, like a child. Softly spoken and shy, loud noises can disturb his concentration. Cancerians adore money and will spend lavishly on home and family, so they are thought of as generous and affluent. To them, good friends become family but they will enjoy prying into other's affairs! With a stong competitive streak, losing is not an option! In times of stress, the Cancerians can show vulgarity and will wallow in self-pity. Their caring compassionate nature will eventually shine through once that tough shell has been cracked! Physically, a frail sign, with bulging eyes and thin nostrils, they have long arms either side of the thick torso. Cancerians can accumulate weight around the middle. With little pride his appearance can be untidy and messy, rather child-like!

1st July... Profound, giving & detirmined... that's Wal!

7th July... Creative, truthful & imaginative... that's Ashley!

8th July... Pragmatic, protective & responsible... that's Melv!




Leo - The Prima Donna?

The Leo has untold faith in himself and behaves with unmistakable superiority. He enjoys being the centre of attention and generosity displayed demands exaltation in return! They can be courageous and bold but also wilful and arrogant! The Leo's confident smugness may irritate as he doesn't believe that all men created are equal! Leo needs to impress by owning the biggest house and the largest car (or train!) and will not have his confidence undermined! Knowledgable, he will enchant an audience with the most important gift - himself! Physically, on top of the beautifully formed oval head, his hair will stand proud of the scalp in disarray, like the lions mane! Smiling eyes are keen and he has a high bridged nose reflecting his sense of snobbery. The sunny disposition is further enhanced by the ready smile. The chin is purposeful. With a long back leading to slender hips the slender legs carry the body aroungd in an elegant manner, strutting proudly. Leo loves to show off his attributes!

26th July... Dynamic, influential & attractive... that's Chris!

1st August... Forceful, realistic & visionary... that's Pete!

13th August... Indomitable, spirited & courageous... that's Robin!



Information on these birthdates has been taken from Specialist Books.
The remaining months will follow soon.